Turning right on Burnout Lane

Sometimes I push too hard — physically, emotionally, spiritually. I start digressing. It usually comes on slowly. I get signals. I start reacting to my kids in ways that I always have to go back and apologize for. I see the numbers on the scale creeping up. I feel my clothes getting tighter on me. I feel sore in my body in places that I don’t normally feel sore. I stop connecting with the people who know me best because I’m afraid they’re gonna call me out on my lack of balance. I don’t like to be called out. At all. 

The longer I’m in practice and the more stripes I earn, the quicker I am able to catch myself turning right on Burnout Lane. Sometimes the ability to slow down for long enough to catch it and turn it around seems intangible. 

Over the years I have learned what works just right for me. And, it all happened naturally. I would go to my ritual, engage and complete it, and feel so refreshed and renewed afterward. 

Ok, here we go. My ritual to avoid burnout — a new calendar. It may seem ridiculous to you, but nothing does it for me like walking down the calendar aisle at my local Office Supplies store and starting fresh with a brand new calendar.  It is a whole process. I have to touch every one, picture it in my life, in my bag, on my desk. Once I choose the right one, the ritual begins. 

I go home, get my markers and highlighters out, and go for it. I reorganize my time, my appointments, my availability, my connection to my life.  I do this a couple of times a year (at least).  

My silly ritual absolutely does it for me.  It allows me to take a new step, a new lease on life into the next chapter. Then I naturally recommit to my workouts, my nutrition, my rest days, my playdates, my whole life in balance. 

If I don’t listen to the signs of burnout (and sometimes I don’t) I usually get to a point of pain, I hurt, sometimes so bad I can’t even move. It stops me. Then the break is forced. And that is never fun. 

Find your thing. Find what does it for you. Discover how you like to reconnect and renew. Get really familiar with your signs, your signals of entering Burnout Lane. Avoid it at all costs. If you don’t listen and look for the signals, they will get louder and louder, and eventually take over. After many years in practice and at least 100,000+ adjustments served, my experience unfolds many truths. This is probably the number one doozer. 


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